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Vets All Natural Complete Mix Cat

100% Australian made.

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Vets All Natural Complete Mix Cat 1KG Vets All Natural Complete Mix Cat 1KG
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* A healthy balanced diet consists of natural vegetable matter and grains with raw meat.

* Complete Mix represents the required vegetable matter and grain portion of your dog or cat’s healthy diet.

* It is an economical way to ensure your dog or cat gets the best.

* You simply add Complete Mix to the appropriate ration of raw meat, like kangaroo, rabbit, beef, mutton, lamb or organic chicken and you have a100% preservative and additive free, completely natural, raw, perfectly balanced meal.

* No Cooking! To avoid the harsh damage to proteins, vitamins and enzymes caused by cooking Complete Mix is formulated in accordance with the principles of raw food.

* The ingredients are air dried at, or below, body temperature.

* The Muesli type mix is simply added to fresh, raw meat.

* For maximum benefit, it should be soaked in warm water. This promotes more digestibility, nutritional value and palatability.

* Complete Mix contains a combination of uncooked mixed cereal grains including rolled oats, cracked barley, flax seed meal and whole oats. The carefully formulated meal also has dried vegetables, garlic, parsley, barley grass, calcium, yeast , kelp, lecithin and vitamin C.

* Cats and kittens love our special cat and kitten varieties. Compared with dogs, cats are generally
uniform in size and therefore dietary requirements vary little. The growth rate and requirements of kittens and adult cats are very similar. There is one cat formula for all ages. The formula is high in
nutrient supplements to balance the small amounts used per meal. The meat blend in the Premium Choice is high to match their highly carnivorous nature.


Weight (kg) = Complete Mix (gm) = Fresh water (mls) = Fresh meat (gm)
0-1 = 20 = 20 = 140
2 = 30 = 30 = 190
3 = 35 = 35 = 250
4 = 5 = 35 = 180
5 = 45 = 45 = 200
6 = 50 = 50 = 230
4 = 50 = 50 = 150
5 = 55 = 55 = 160
6 = 85 = 5 = 170
7 = 95 = 95 = 180


Brand Vets All Natural

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