About Us

For a lot of businesses it is about making money, for us it is about making a difference. Over the years we have donated time and money to a number of animal shelters with the aim to help those animals less fortunate than our own. As much as our time has been appreciated we wanted to be able to make a bigger difference and bring the community of like minded people together under our umbrella. With this in mind our journey with Best for pets has begun.
We are a small business with a big heart and hope you can join us on our journey. We want to help  out our country animal shelters by donating profits or food back to them through either doing what you would normally do by purchasing your pet supplies through us or donating directly to you preferred shelter on the donate now page. Although we are not a registered not for profit organisation we are committed to donating directly to our partnered shelters  a minimum 10% of our profits.
As part of our community we are proud to say our commitment is to Australian manufacturers, sourcing all our dryfood, shampoos and supplements through Australian manufacturers for australian pets.
Over time we will be building  an educational peice promoting responsible pet ownership and caring for you pets.
Our Mission is simple:
"To provide quality products with exceptional customer service while supporting animal shelters!"