Bindi's Story

Bindi is one of many dogs we are currently helping, but she is also one of the more severe cases we have come across.

Her owner wanted us to share his story to help other owners in a similar situation.

Bindi went through a 6 month ordeal of vet visits. Her diet was changed up to a dozen times from vet prescribed food to pet shop super premium food as well as cortisone and steroid injections, and to top it off hormone tablets. Her situation just got worse. Until her owner came across a MfM brochure and contacted us to see if we could help.

Now after 6 weeks on a MfM diet, Bindi is coming along beautifully and has a new lease of life…


Some facts about dry food

Author: Lisa Caines   Date Posted: 16 September 2018  

Buying premium dry food does matter Your dog depends completely on you for health and happiness, so it is important that you understand your dog's dietary requirements. As a good dog owner, you will have to consider what type of dog food is the best option for your furry companion. Dry dog food provides a very cost-effective way to provide your dog with all the nutrients and vitamins needed for its good health and long life. Although many dog owners have moved away f...


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Not all pet food rolls are created equal

Author: Best for Pets  

For many of us the ingredients list is a great way to see what we are feeding our four-legged friends. After some investigation regardless of the price in most cases this list looks outstanding. So where is the difference? After numerous discussions it comes down to how the raw product is cooked. A large portio n of cooked rolls on the market are cooked in vats. These temperatures rise to over 130 degrees, could you imagine cooking your own food at this temperature what it would look like and what actual nutrients are left. This is where Ecopet stand out from the rest, the ingredients are mixed together, sealed into rolls...

Meals for Mutts CN helps Dobby

Author: Lisa Caines  

Dobby’s Journey on MFM CN. Dobby as a puppy had to have several courses of antibiotics. Like humans this can cause an imbalance in their gut. The owners were unable to get Dobby’s stools right and realised there may have been some issues with his diet. Keen to resolve this issue they decided to give MFM CN a go. Almost immediately they noticed a change and were wrapt with the results. Dobby’s owners would highly recommend anyone who has any digestive issues to try MFM CN range to help stabilise the gut which may help improve better ...

Find out the truth about Tuff Rock K9 Joint Formula

Author: Lisa Caines  

What is the truth about Tuff Rock K9 Joint Formula? It works and works well, having bought and sold many products for dogs who have soreness of various descriptions over the years I can not go past this product. I have had customers where senior dogs who were struggling with getting up, middle aged dogs who showed signs of soreness after certain activities and young dogs in their prime all show significant long term improvement after using Tuff Rock K9 JF. What is even better is that it is holistic product with no hidden nasties in it so it cant be a bad...

Choosing the right treats for your dog

Surely there is no such person as a dog owner who never gives his or her dog a treat. We all like to see our dog’s tail wag, and his face light up with attentive anticipation, right? But how do you know that the treats you give him are healthy? It’s actually pretty simple. As with every food you buy (for yourself or your dog), it’s all about the ingredients. If you do not already read the label of every food item you consider buying, get in the habit! Most of the information you need to know in order to determine the product’s quality is legally required to appear on the label. Things to look for Australian Made – t...

Find out what a difference rescue dog Louie's world is now.

Louie a young staffy cross, was rescued and currently fostered by Kim and Marty. In his previous life, Louie was mistreated, which leaves him very anxious, stressed and weary of people most of the time. Concerned by this Kim and Marty looked for natural options outside of veterinary medication. By chance they met with Best For Pets owner Lisa, who recommended a natural product Sustenhance Calm. Kim states "The product met all the requirements being natural and reasonably priced, with nothing to lose and a po...

Three reasons your dog might be missing something in their diet

3 signs that your dog might be missing out on something in their diet Eating a lot of dirt or grass, dogs when missing something they will generally crave for it and as they do not have the opportunity to be selective in supplements to support any deficiencies, they will then look for these nutrients from either dirt or grass. Coat condition becoming dull even though they may be on a balanced diet can be a good indicator that there is still something missing from their diet. Their coat is a reflection from the inside out and how everything is travelling so any changes in coat condition should be investigated If you feel your dog is a bit lethargic f...

Feeding Raw Bones for Cats and Dogs

Author: Dr Bruce Syme  

Feeding Raw Bones to Dogs and Cats Background Eating raw bones is as completely natural as eating fresh meat for dogs and cats. They come hand in hand, in the wild. Both dogs and cats are natural hunters, cats always eating their food fresh, and dogs happy to eat fresh, or decaying. Either way, catching and eating prey has always involved the consumption of bones. Feeding bones to domestic dogs has been a time honoured tradition, and is still practiced by knowledgeable dog breeders and pet owners. The feeding of bones to cats has had less emphasis in the past, as...

Bindi's Story

Author: Meals for Mutts  

Bindi is one of many dogs we are currently helping, but she is also one of the more severe cases w...

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